Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser’s Bold Overhaul

Job Cuts and Reorganization

Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser announced on Wednesday that the bank is cutting 11,000 jobs and reorganizing its businesses in an effort to boost profitability. The overhaul is the biggest at Citigroup in almost two decades and is part of Fraser’s plan to simplify the bank and make it more competitive.

The job cuts will affect all levels of the bank and will come from across all of its businesses. The bank said that it will be providing severance packages and other assistance to the affected employees.

The reorganization will create four new business units:

  • Global Consumer Banking
  • Institutional Clients Group
  • Global Markets
  • Corporate and Investment Banking

Focus on Core Businesses

Fraser said that the changes are necessary to “make Citi a simpler, more efficient, and more focused company.” She said that the bank will be “streamlining our operations and reducing complexity” and that it will be “focusing on our core businesses.”

The Global Consumer Banking unit will be responsible for the bank’s retail banking and credit card businesses. The Institutional Clients Group will be responsible for the bank’s investment banking and trading businesses. The Global Markets unit will be responsible for the bank’s foreign exchange and fixed income businesses. The Corporate and Investment Banking unit will be responsible for the bank’s mergers and acquisitions advisory and underwriting businesses.

Challenges Ahead

The overhaul is a major gamble for Fraser, who is under pressure to improve Citigroup’s performance. The bank’s rivals have outperformed it in recent years in terms of stock price, and critics have taken issue with its complex structure.

Fraser’s plan has been met with mixed reactions from analysts. Some have praised her for taking decisive action, while others have expressed concerns about the job cuts and the potential impact on the bank’s culture.

Only time will tell whether Fraser’s overhaul will be successful. However, it is clear that she is determined to make Citigroup a more profitable and competitive bank.


Fraser’s overhaul is a major undertaking, but it is one that she believes is necessary to make Citigroup a more successful company. The job cuts and reorganization will be painful, but they are necessary to reduce costs and simplify the bank’s structure. If Fraser is successful, she will be able to make Citigroup a more profitable and competitive bank. However, if she is not successful, she could face calls to resign.

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