China is Much More Confident Now

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Mr. Biden now faces a very confident and determined Chinese leadership that could be further emboldened by his domestic troubles. But, will produce investment opportunities in the ‘middle kingdom‘.

All of the chaos in the US gives China’s ruling Communist Party a boost as it pursues its long-running quest for national rejuvenation as it will quickly move to return the country to what it sees as its rightful place in the world as a major nation.

For Mr. Biden, that makes China his major foreign policy challenge as he tries to manage the growing tension between the world’s rising power and the US.

The stakes are very high, as China will push back hard on technology and territory.

Since the global financial crisis of Y 2008 China’s foreign policy has grown increasingly assertive from staking out territory in disputed waters in the South China Sea to its more recent use of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) to hit back at critics. China’s relative success in controlling the virus could drive that trend.

Mr. Biden has been warned to be wary of opening himself up to attacks that he is soft on China if he rolls back import tariffs taken by President Trump.

The need to prioritize domestic challenges will likely give China lots of room to drive its agenda North, whether it be techn advancement or territorial issues from Taiwan to its border with India.

The Communist Party has sought to use the virus to justify its continued control of the 1-party, authoritarian state it has led for more than 70 yrs, while rounding up citizen-journalists and others to quash any criticism of its handling of the outbreak. It has made the story of hardship into 1 of victory, and President Xi has emerged a hero.

He wants China to be seen and treated as an equal and has shown a willingness to use its growing economic and military might to try to get its way, plus opening up it financial markets virtually unrestricted foreign investment.

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