Celebrate Christmas Week, Spend it With Family and Friends


There are no guarantees in life, and for many, this will be their last Christmas and spend it well”— Paul Ebeling.

It is Christmas all over the world, a time to cherish life by living it and spending it with those you love. We must all refusing to give up our humanity and resist the Great Reset.

  • Thanksgiving was canceled in many parts of the US, and many government leaders are now urging citizens to cancel their Christmas celebrations too
  • The global response to the COVID-19 chaos has little to do with the spread of a virus, and everything to do with the planned global takeover and implementation of a technocratic agenda known as the ‘Great Reset’
  • Mask mandates, social distancing, business shutdowns, online shopping, working and learning, PRC testing and quarantining of asymptomatic individuals are all forms of “soft indoctrination” to get people used to a way of life devoid of our usual rights and freedoms
  • The ‘Great Reset’ plan is being sold as a way to make life fair and equitable for all, but it really is a wealth redistribution scheme that transfers wealth from the working class to the technocratic elite
  • The mass vaccination agenda and the promotion of fake, lab-grown meat are also evidence of the technocratic takeover underway. COVID vaccines are part of a biological surveillance framework, while the normalization of fake meat is an attempt to control the part of the food supply that is not already patented and under their control

As free people we must reclaim our right to live free, to open our businesses and move about freely.

We must communicate with our elected leaders and demand they not infringe on our Constitutional rights.

We have to engage in political processes and help educate our local officials of their role as defenders of The Constitution.

We may also need to support legal challenges that will halt the technocrat movement.

A step in the right direction now will be to celebrate Christmas like you normally would this week, and not allow the Scroges of the world rob you of time with family and friends.

Have a healthy, happy Christmas Holiday week, Keep the Faith!

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