Casino Owners to Push for Overthrow of Sports Betting Ban

Casino Owners to Push for Overthrow of Sports Betting Ban

Casino owners will renew their push to legalize sports betting at their properties, according to an executive with the gambling industry’s trade association.

Industry lobbyists will be seeking a sponsor next year for legislation to overturn a Y 1992 ban on the betting, according to a Senior Vice President for the Washington-based American Gaming Association (AGA).

The election of Donald Trump to US President, who once ran 4 casinos bearing his name, could help pave the way.

“He was a former casino owner, he understands the business,” the AGA official said in an interview.

 Only 4 states: Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon are allowed to offer betting on athletic competitions under a federal law called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

It is estimated that about $150-B in illegal sports bets are placed annually, according to AGA.

Sports betting promoters have sought legalization for years, but have run into opposition from some leagues and groups opposed to gambling in general.

New Jersey’s efforts to legalize sports betting in its casinos were blocked by federal courts.

“I’m OK with it, because it’s happening anyway,” Donald Trump said in a TV  interview last year. “Whether you have it or don’t have it, you have it. It’s all over the place.”

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