California Port is Overwhelmed with Cargo Ships Waiting to Dock

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What shortage?“– Paul Ebeling

Rising transportation costs, a shortage of goods and VirusCasedemic disruptions are being blamed for a nationwide shortage of shipments that normally come from Asia.

The Big Q: How real is the shortage when, as of Friday, 17 September 2021, at least 65 cargo ships sat off the coast of California, waiting for permission to dock and unload?

And those 65 were just the 1s at anchor. Normally there is a maximum of 1 ship waiting to dock.

With nearly 50% of all US shipments coming in through California, this backlog is a major cause of delays in goods across the country.

If the wait in the water were not enough, supply chain officials say warehouses that house the goods once they are unloaded are filling up, too, to the point of overflow.

An expert said part of the delay is because ocean liners and factories were sidelined during the early days of the VirusCasedemic, and now are hindered by the surge in demand for goods as the world’s economies start back up.

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