C-19 Coronavirus Affects All Facets of Society

When we look at the social, economic, agricultural and workforce fallout from the C-19 coronavirus chaos, it is like The Perfect Storm.

Almost no sector of society has been spared, from travel and tourism to basic food production and delivery.

According to the NY-T’s, a global hunger crisis looms from:“… the sudden loss in income for countless millions who were already living hand-to-mouth; the collapse in Crude Oil prices; widespread shortages of hard currency from tourism drying up; overseas workers not having earnings to send home; and ongoing problems like climate change, violence, population dislocations and humanitarian disasters …

There is no shortage of food globally, or mass starvation from the pandemic, yet. But logistical problems in planting, harvesting and transporting food will leave poor countries exposed in the coming months.”

Even when food prices do not rise, countries that already suffered from food shortages before C-19 hit will face worsened situations, the NY-T’s continues: “This is especially true for economies like Sudan and Zimbabwe that were struggling before the outbreak, or those like Iran that have increasingly used oil revenues to finance critical goods like food and medicine.”

The C-19 coronavirus chaos has brought hunger to millions of people around the world already. National lockdowns, social distancing, loss of tourism and tanking Crude Oil prices have annihilated incomes, disrupted food production and supply chains and deprived poor children of the food they received at now-shuttered schools

In the US, food from CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) owned by multinational conglomerates will also be affected by the disease. Hopefully, we can depend on wholesome Organic food from family and regenerative farmers to get us through the after-pandemic of hunger.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!