Buying Something With Crypto Would Be Great, Just Try It!

Many of you know about NFT’s, Crypto and Metaverse a lot, With many country like in Thailand in general are embracing crypto that how seamless for on investing, so far I didn’t thought much about crypto asset being used for normal transaction just yet. Like many of people asked, “Does Paying with crypto-wallet would be difficult?” Since we dealing with wallet address and token possession, It’s hard to imagine getting to paid something with BitCoin. Here the examples in our country, Thailand.

(Thai Audio with English Subtitles) MNEMONIC demonstrate paying for Laundromat service using BitCoin

There the one Thai’s YouTuber name “MNENONIC” uploaded his video about his experience for using BitCoin pay for his Laundromat service in “WashCoin Pro”. First of all, Get any smartphone you have and launch “Camera” apps, Second. Look for BitCoin QR Address code and point the camera to QR sign. Third, the app will automatically convert any national currency to BTC or ETH, some country accept DogeCoin or Shiba Inu Token, then press “start paying” and good to go!

As you can hear in this video, The machines start working instantaneously after successful transaction. I thought it was hard, but overall process should be an great way to know how we pay with those token. let paid with some of those coin, shall we?

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