Bush (43) and Clinton White House Portraits Moved from Public View to Storage

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Last week, the official portraits of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush (43) were taken off the wall in the Grand Foyer in the White House and replaced by Republican Presidents.

Those portraits found a new home in the Old Family Dining Room, which is for storage and not seen by guests.

Now The People and President Trump will not see either portrait as they walks through the White House.

Before the move, the President saw the pictures as he walked down the staircase every day from his 3rd-floor bedroom.

The portraits now live in a storage room, that also houses tablecloths and furniture.

“President and Mrs. Trump did not want that room showcased on public tours,” a White House official said.

The portrait of former President Barack Hussein Obama will not be unveiled during a formal ceremony by President Trump.

Former disgraced NSA John Bolton wrote in his book that President Trump despised GW Bush and his father, George HW Bush. And during a Y 2016 Presidential election debate, President Trump called Bill Clinton “abusive to women.” Which, of course is true.

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#Bush#Clinton#portraits#President Trump#Republican#storage