Bribery Among Press Council In Egypt

Egypt’s State Security Prosecution on Wednesday ordered the pretrial detention of the secretary-general of the Supreme Media Council for four days pending investigation on charges of bribery.

Ahmed Selim was apprehended on Tuesday morning at his office in Maspero building by the Administrative Control Authority as part of the investigation.

The prosecution also ordered the detention of two other suspects pending investigation in the same case.

The media watchdog decided on Wednesday following an urgent meeting to replace Selim with Essam Farag, the current deputy of the National Press Authority.

Earlier, Makram Mohammed Ahmed, head of the Supreme Media Council, revealed that he had suspicions over Selim’s behaviours two months before his apprehension. Based on that, the council tried to reduce the tasks of Selim, Makram highlighted in televised statements on Tuesday.

Selim took the post in May 2017. He served in several positions including CEO of the Egyptian Radio and TV magazine.

State-owned Al-Aram reported, citing the Administrative Control Authority, that Selim reportedly requested a bribe for granting an operation license for a private TV channel.

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