Blue State Democrat Governors and Mayors Locking Down Citizens to Damage Growing Economy

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Blue state governor lockdowns are killing the large economies of California and New York.

Nevertheless The Trump Economy is doing a lot better than the MSM is willing to admit.

Governor Gavin Newsom is trying to shut down everything in California, and that is killing the Golden State’s economy. New York and California are America’s big minuses now.

Our 6.7% unemployment is a good of a thing coming out out of the virus driven February-March instant recession. Most of the experts did not expect single-digits numbers until next year.

The biggest declines in unemployment were among America’s minority groups: blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

The numbers across the board are very strong. The MSM may wish to report it accurately or not, but facts are facts.

Aid/relief/stimulus and vaccines will drive the V-shaped recovery further and faster. The vaccines are coming by the middle of December and President Trump is working with Congress on more stimulus, it will come soon I believe.

President Trump wants to keep the businesses open and keep the schools open. Those 2 things are very important for education and for the economy.

In the next few wks, we will see an upturn in the economy despite the Democrats attempts to hobble it.

Speaking as a businessman, totally shutting down a State’s economy would be more harmful than productive. This would only add to more social unrest, especially for the coming holiday season. Caution in social gatherings and perhaps, a continuation of the masks and social distancing mandates would be more prudent, Without question, vaccines are around the corner and until we can see their effects, at least in the short term, focus would be smarter to promote taking these vaccines. This is even though many people still remain highly skeptical about taking a vaccine because of the uncertainty of a vaccine’s after-effects.

What certain elected officials do not understand is that an idle mind and body plus financial inability to provide for one’s family (especially during the current holiday season which is supposed to be a happy occasion) only adds to depression plus becomes an additive to our opioid and homeless crises! These problems are even more concerning and that is where political focus should be focused. Providing incentives and selected restrictions on social gatherings plus a requirement for consistent testing would be more effective along with causing limited access to public transportation (i,e, airlines, public transportation, etc.).

So, Politicians should rethink twice any policy calling for total lock downs. Think more in the direction instead of financial aid to the unemployment. Further there is no evidence that lockdowns in fact work. People are fed up with all of questionable, non-consistent and contradictory stories by the Media and so-called medical experts, like Dr. Fauci, who daily changes his opinions, like the weather, about the pandemic. 

Perhaps, another recommendation might focus on the considerably fallacies in virus counting for if a person is testing more than once the results are double and triple counted, thus causing a total misconception about the over-exaggeration of the pandemic,” notes HeffX-LTN editorial contributor Bruce WD Barren

Keep all of the above in mind when thinking about this fastest US recovery in history and know that in lockdowns do not halt the spread of the virus, what they do is cause more harm and sickness like depression, illicit drug use and addiction, child abuse, spousal abuse, unemployment plus untimely deaths and suicide.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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