Blockchain Council Now Arrived At COMEARTH

Blockchain Council is now officially joining forces with COMEARTH (powered by NFTICALLY) to create an astonishing virtual environment for new-era of learning experiences. From the company leading in Blockchain & Web3 certifications and education.

Blockchain Council is now gearing up an academy at COMEARTH to establish a futuristic infrastructure for everyone, to discover the virtual 3D learning field, and engage the environment in learning immersion. It will elevate the perception output for the user and expand the adoption of innovative learning solutions in the hybrid metaverse world.

The company offers over 60 certifications ranging from Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies, all in one for both beginners and advanced learners. Blockchain Council’s 20K+ alumni throughout 150 countries contribute to this learning space in various capacities, with many of the Blockchain and Web3 initiatives at their headquarters. With over 150K+ lives within a robust community, The company managed to build strong ties between learners and educators.

Here are the Leaders Perspectives on this project:

Pradeep AswalCEO of Blockchain Council, “COMEARTH can revolutionize the traditional concept of Web3 commerce completely. An enhanced learning experience and first-hand experience of all elements of Web3 commerce will help Blockchain Council users tremendously. Blockchain Council’s Web3 vision supported by COMEARTH will be an elaborate project for the education industry’s possibilities in the metaverse.”

Michael H Peters, Blockchain Veteran and Advisor at Harvard University, shared, “Our educational institutions and corporations at every level have relied on inadequate training methods (by necessity) for centuries. Lectures, textbooks, videos, homework, reading, and the like — have all had their place and still shall. It’s amazing to see how ‘learning’ and ‘experience’ are merging in the immersive and transformative Web3 and Metaverse. This creates a true multiplier effect in Learning, in every field and every level. With this revolution, productivity skills and creative inspirations will be unleashed exponentially around the world.”

Toshendra SharmaFounder, and CEO of NFTICALLY, said, “Web3 is the new generation of the Internet, which is having a profound impact across E-Commerce solutions. COMEARTH brings a fully-immersive layer to E-Commerce, enabling immersive hyper-personalization for all users. This will facilitate mass Web3 adoption.”

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