Black Diamond From Space is Going to Auction

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An ultra-rare 555.55-carat black diamond will go on sale in February at Sotheby’s and will be open for bidding online from 3-9 February and cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment” –Paul Ebeling

Sotheby’s Dubai has unveiled an extremely unique diamond, a 555.5-carat black diamond dubbed, “The Enigma” and is believed to have been from outer space and created either from a meteoric impact, or a “diamond-bearing” asteroid that collided with Earth.

According to Sotheby’s a natural black diamond of this size is an extremely rare occurrence and is expected to sell for at least $6.8-M

The shape of the diamond is inspired by the Middle Eastern palm symbol of the Hamsa, a sign of protection and also means 5 in Arabic. The theme of 5 runs throughout the stone, according to Sotheby’s. In addition to its 555.55 carats, it also contains exactly 55 facets.

Black diamonds are also known as Carbonado diamonds, and can be dated to between 2.6 to 3.8-B yrs ago and have small amounts of nitrogen and hydrogen elements found in outer space. They also contain osbornite, a mineral present in meteorites.

A jewelry specialist at Sotheby’s in London, called the diamond a natural phenomenon.

“Its sale represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the rarest, billion-year-old cosmic wonders known to humankind,” she said.

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