Bitcoin To Reach $500,000 According To Micheal Saylor

As one of the consequences from the Biden administration warning, Bitcoin yet again fell below $20,000. The warning was from the US to Putin, agaisnt the usage of nuclear weapons in war with Ukraine.

A statement was made regarding the recent events – “We have to take these threats seriously, and we do. We’ve been monitoring, as best we can, his nuclear capabilities, I can tell you that we don’t see any indication that we need to change our strategic deterrent posture at this point.” However, former NATO commander, Adm. James Stavridis, told MSNBC that he was not concerned, saying that Putin was “upping the ante” but was unlikely to actually use nuclear weapons.

Regarding Bitcoin – Micheal Saylor is an American Entrepreneur, CEO of MicroStrategy, a $3.5 Billion Mobile / Intelligence company. He believes Bitcoin will surpass the price of Gold by 2032, reaching a price of $500,000, and market capitalization of $10 Trillion.