BitCoin Price Went Down To $25K, Better Not Panic!

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Unfortunately, this Crypto-crash has prolonged more than an month now, BitCoin is one of the higher profile among other affected by this market crashes. But like the headlines said… “Better Not Panic”. For anyone who will to buy some good amounts of BTC from current price drop for staking. Remember, there is no safety net left for them to backup anyone risk whatsoever.

At the times of writing, BitCoin prize now hit $25,400 based from Binance Chart.

Our speculating is the graph showed the sign of Bear Market after June 9th was positioned $30,000. Since then the highest possible was $31,000, after that, it began to lost thousand dollar prices values. until gradually fell to $25,000 in June 13th. This tied to current 8.6% inflation rates in US. Many investor may have predicted the fear about upcoming FED FOMC meeting marked in June 14th-15th very soon, and went on “Panic Sale” which is common. This catalyst may severely impacted the US Stock Market and Global Crypto-market all together.

This is normal for Crypto-market, as the time and events goes on, we will see BitCoin prices heading back were it should be. but for now before you place the bet. Please understand and study the investment risk, Knightsbridge or any third-parties will not responsible for your sale loss.