Bitcoin is a Singularity

For years tech enthusiasts have been talking about “The Oracle Problem” and our inability to solve it. Well, the long awaited day has arrived. Introducing UTXOracle, which can be used to estimate the USD price of bitcoin using only your Bitcoin Core full node. How is this possible? Node running UTXOracle allows everyone to retrieve the same price for bitcoin on any given day. They will also get the same price history going back to July 26th, 2020.

“It will work even while you are disconnected from the internet because it only reads blocks from the time chain on your machine. It does not save files, write cookies, or access any wallet information.” This is an astounding feat towards even more empirical evidence and facts that Bitcoin is a Singularity. It is open source, 100% on-chain data, and with no external libraries cookies.

It has been and will continue to be immensely interesting how the the bitcoin ecosystem of sovereign tools evolve to provide individuals, who opt in, with power, freedom, financial safety, and certainty. Stay vigilant out there in clown world and remember “stay humble and stack sats”.


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