Bill Gates Set on Destroying America’s Hospitality Industry

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Bill Gates says Bars and Restaurants need to close for 4 to 6 months longer, effectively destroying the industry and putting 15-M Americans out of work”— Paul Ebeling

If Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) founder Bill Gates gets his way, life as it was before the virus chaos will not return until Y 2022 and possibly 6 months further out.

Mr. Gates also wants bars and restaurants, to shut back down for another 4-6 months effectively putting 15-M Americans out of work.

If that were not enough, Mr. Gates also wants “big public gatherings” banned during this entire, extended time.

Backlash to Mr. Gates’ baseless suggestions from the public was immediate on Twitter. “Unless Bill Gates is willing to give his entire fortune away to people who work in the bar and restaurant industry, his opinion is worthless,” a Tweeter Tweeted.

Mr. Gates also wants President Trump to concede the Presidential election as he has thrown a monkey wrench into his vaccine distribution plans.

Whether Mr. Gates’ desire is true or not, this would be a shame for many who work in this industry are hard working people, trying to survive particularly during this pandemic crisis.

People want to enjoy eating out – a good meal to relieve the many anxieties of the day and get away, with trained smiling faces on the other side as they temporarily escape the depression elements of society and work. 

Restaurants and hotels can be sanitized with the current environmental technologies already in the market. This is just like the transportation industry, referring particularly to the airline industry where people sit within inches of one another.

So using this as a negative argument for fear of spreading covid – 19, is a phony excuse,” says hospitality expect Bruce WD Barren. 

Reject this draconian tyrant forthwith!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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