Behind the Scenes: Mr. Biden Continues to Insult American Citizens

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This is another insult to the millions of American citizens that are out of work and/or facing hardship in the USA, Mr. Biden must be taught that he cannot spend his way out of his false promises.”– Paul Ebeling

Mr. Biden and his admin is now considering a cash pay off program to address economic woes that lead immigrants from the Mezo American countries to caravan North, plus sending COVID-19 vaccines to those countries.

This pay off program will be targeted at people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador White House said late Friday.

A record 168,000 people were picked up by US Border Patrol agents at the US-Mexico border in March, the highest monthly tally since records began being kept by the agency. The migration is steadily increasing and Mr. Biden knows it has to be halted, though we may not hear that directly from him as it would be an acknowledgement of a major policy failure.

Last month, Mr. Biden anointed Ms. Harris to lead US efforts with Mexico and Central America to address the number of illegal immigrants heading North to America. So far we have not heard anything from Ms. Harris on this Key government issue.

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