$ATLAS Pumped into CMC and Dumped onto HODLERs

21 hours ago THE ATLAS COIN was listed on CoinMarketCap and has since dropped over 30% and keeps falling. An oddity as being listed onto a site as popular as CoinMarketCap would often be a very strong predictor of a rather substantial price rise.

THE ATLAS COIN markets itself as a Metaverse or ‘Petoverse’ VR MMO Web3 ‘revolution’ with very simple Clash of Clans-esque animations. See below


PETO has been expanded into ATLAS as the PETO team abandon the PETO Twitter and tokens. ATLAS Twitter has been very active its recently application to BSCScan and listed on CMC. However, ATLASes Instagram, Discord and Reddit links are invalid. Most of ATLAS activity is on Telegram and Twitter.

The PETO team, now the ATLAS team, has a history of Hype Pump and Dump. As the Petoverse started at $6.3, to a high of $14.39, to it’s current abandoned price of $0.1476. ATLAS has been listed on CMC at a begging price of $0.92 and has dropped below $0.7.

If you’ve purchased ATLAS COIN, you may only sell 30% of your current holdings, PETO holders in particular are affected by this decision as no such limit existed before. Already it has drawn the attention of @IsThisCoinAScam. A very helpful Crypto Community member, making sure people know of shady coins and tokens.

In their Telegram group of over 18,000 members, Dan Raven the “peto-Creative” forwarded a message from the official ATLAS COIN news Telegram. The reason given for the existence of the 30% limit was to act as an anti-dump mechanism, and says the sell limit will be removed. ATLAS COIN has said that this whole process is flushing out paperhands, strengthening the community and reveal the ‘real investors’.

PETOVERSE, the precursor to ATLAS COIN has been banned from reddit for currently unknown reasons

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