At This Time in America the Economy Must Come 1st

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Mr. Biden’s continuing focus on a climate change agenda, raising the federal minimum wage, and opening up the borders to illegal immigrants is not appropriate now or ever.

Top jobs are the Key!

At this time in America the the economy must come 1st, clear out COVID-19, open up and put drivers back into the economy pushing to keep America First.

The appropriate focus must be on getting Americans back to work.

Biden is pushing for another $1.9-T coronavirus aid/relief/stimulus package, which he will not get. Behind that he is seeking to damage the economy and destroy jobs which he will get no matter how much money the Fed prints, Americans want to work.

I have talked to savvy business people over that last several days and we do not understand the canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. The Pipefitters’ union voted for Biden en masse and it has cost about 48-K high paying jobs already, with more to come. Those are not $15-hr jobs. Those are $60, $70, $80-hr-jobs.

Mr. Biden and his gang want unwind President Trump’s progress in making America energy independent, reducing the influence of foreign oil, specifically the Middle East. That ‘B-want’ will not happen as Big Oil’s federal contracts are rock solid.

Yes, the economy must come first for idle bodies and minds often become overly restless. This only leads to more social unrest which is not a unifying force for America. People want to go back to work, plain and simple, now that multiple vaccines have been put into place. Cancelling jobs and allowing immigrants to force out existing workers is not constructively and will only add to our idleness.

One of the most disturbing plans is that there is not definitive plan to put Americans back to work There is a lot of talk however but that appears to be just talk. Don’t the Politicians know Action is needed now and political positioning/ bickering is not the answer. 

Perhaps, members of Congress should go without their salaries, elaborate expense accounts plus unbelievable pension plans to see what it feels like  not to be able to put adequate food on the table, heat their homes, or pay the rent/ mortgage. Then, without question, they would get that home-town feeling of what it is like to survive. 

It is unfortunate that mid-term elections are 2 years away for then the voters will speak again, but with replacement on their mind if Quick Action is not taken. Just remember Mother Nature has no barriers and it’s starting to be a cold winter,” says economist/ businessman Bruce WD Barren.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!