Art News: Susan Leyland’s Latest Works

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” ― Winston S. Churchill

Susan Leyland manages to capture the majesty of the horse in such a way that it brings that statement to life where ever her works are placed.

Her ability is no secret, few have achieved the monumental public presence Susan Leyland has established.

The Warhorse Memorial at Ascot Racecourse, a sculpture by Susan Leyland has already sealed her place in History, the coming installation in Vietnam will underline her importance, it is hard to find another Artist in Modern Times that has achieved that level of immortality.

Susan Leyland has held exhibitions in private galleries and museums in many countries and has received prestigious commissions both from private and corporate clients and collectors including the recent War Horse Memorial in Ascot UK, an equestrian monument to the memory of millions of horses, mules and donkeys of WW1.