Approval of President Trump’s Handling of the Economy Rose to 52%, the Highest Mark of his Presidency

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the American economy into a deep contraction and sent unemployment soaring, but Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of the health crisis.

Approval of President Trump’s handling of the economy rose to 52%, the highest mark of his Presidency, CNBC’s “All America” survey showed Wednesday. That is up from 49% in December.

The survey of 800 American voters was taken between last Friday and this past Monday.

President Trump’s overall approval rating jumped too, to 46% from 40%. That too ,is the best ranking of The Trump Presidency.

President Trump is scoring higher marks from Democrats. His job approval rating rose to 20% among Democrats, a record high and up from 8% in December.

The high marks are all the more notable because the survey reveals that 10% of Americans say they lost their jobs because of the coronavirus outbreak lockdown. Another 16% had their pay cut.

The survey’s results show that the economic contraction due to the coronavirus has been severe but Americans remain optimistic, as 51% say they expect the economy to improve in the next year, 46% expect the economy to return to normal in the next few months, and only 6% think the effects of the shutdown will last longer than a year.

Americans are not blaming President Trump for his job rating rose in the poll, with more Americans approving of his handling of the Presidency than disapproving for the 1st time in the 3 years it has been tracked by CNBC.

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