“Anti-Malarial Drug Results Unbelievable”


The results being seen from an anti-malarial drug approved by the FDA on an emergency-use designation for the treatment of coronavirus are “unbelievable,” President Trump said Monday. 

The hydroxychloroquine is something that I have been pushing very hard,” President Trump said on TV. “Dr. Steven Hahn, the head of the FDA, gave us a very quick approval, a 24-hr approval.”

Sunday, Health and Human Services Department Secretary Alex Azar said the department has accepted 30-M doses of the drug from Novartis AG’s Sandoz unit. The drug has shown promising, but inconclusive results, according to health experts, and while President Trump has said it is safe, it does carry some significant side effects. 

I think that we will have a good idea over the next three days because it’s been used now in New York at my request on 1,100 people,” said President Trump. “I think that is better than testing in a laboratory.”

President Trump lauded the United States’ growing testing capabilities, including 1 test that will allow diagnosing within mins, rather than in days, whether a person tests positive for the dangerous virus. 

When this new test comes out we will be able to give it as they sit,” said President Trump. “We literally will be able to know exactly what is happening and it is a very sophisticated result too. It could be even a step better than what we’re having . . . the new test is easier, simpler, and quick.”
Meanwhile, the numbers of people testing positive in the United States are more than in all other countries, but President Trump said that is a result of the improved tests and procedures. 

We have tested more and that’s why we have more cases,” said President Trump, adding that the United States has a “very low mortality rate and there are reasons for that.”

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