Anti-aging: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, What it is and How it Works

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At its core, aging is the progressive loss of physiological capacity, hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be a practical method for slowing down the process”— Paul Ebeling

Pros: Very high increase in O2 (oxygen) absorption, well beyond red blood cell carrying capacity. Passive therapy, almost anyone can receive this therapy.

Cons: The time it takes 30-90 mins, that does not seem a con to me, if it turns back the hands of time.

  • Researchers from Tel Aviv University have been exploring the benefits of exposure to high-pressure O2 (oxygen) at different concentrations inside a pressure chamber for years, with studies showing such treatments improved stroke, brain injury and brain function that was damaged by aging
  • A recent study suggests HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment) targets 2 cellular hallmarks of aging: shortening of telomeres and cellular senescence, or the loss of a cell’s ability to divide and grow thus helping to reverse signs of the aging process in humans
  • After HBOT, telomeres at the end of chromosomes grew longer instead of shorter, at a rate of 20% to 38% depending on the type of cell
  • Senescent cells decreased significantly, by 11% to 37% depending on cell type, after HBOT
  • The use of telomere length as a marker for aging is in itself controversial, and the study sample was small, with some suggesting the results should be interpreted with caution; but other experts agree HBOT can have significant benefits for longevity and chronic conditions

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be a practical method for slowing down the hands of time.

Aging represents the progressive loss of physiological capacity, researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Shamir Medical Center in Israel explaines in the journal Aging.

The biological deterioration leads to impaired functions and increased vulnerability to diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and others.

The aging study suggests, HBOT targets 2 cellular hallmarks of aging — shortening of telomeres and cellular senescence, or the loss of a cell’s ability to divide and grow thereby reversing signs of the aging process in humans.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

HBOT has long been used as a treatment for decompression sickness that can occur among SCUBA divers. When you sit in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, you breathe air that has 3X greater air pressure than normal, which allows your lungs to absorb more oxygen.

This increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which is transported throughout your body, fighting pathogenic bacteria and stimulating the release of healing growth factors and stem cells.

And so oxygen can be viewed as a nutrient.

The human body needs O2 to carry out its regular functions and, when tissue is injured, it needs even more of it for healing.

Most healthy individuals have somewhere between 96% and 98% O2 in their hemoglobin, which means the capacity to increase the O2 level is between 2% and 4%, were you to breathe medical-grade oxygen. But, the O2 level can be increased far beyond that amount when the body is under pressure.

The 2 physical laws govern how that works: Boyle’s Law and Henry’s Law.

As you take a gas and exert pressure on it, you make the size of that gas take up less space. As a result of that pressure, you can then dissolve that gas into a liquid.

An example is a can of seltzer water. They use CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). Pressurize it and you can put CO2 into that can. As a result of that pressurization, you can dissolve molecules of CO2 into the water.

In the hyperbaric version of that, they use O2, and the can is the chamber. And as a result of pumping excess O2 inside that chamber, you can dissolve that into the liquid of the body, and directly into the tissue and the plasma of the blood.

Then the O2 in the blood is carried by hemoglobin. The plasma that carries the red blood cells that holds the hemoglobin normally does not carry O2.

The body relies on red blood cell O2-carrying capacity. But inside the chamber, they can bypass the red blood cell O2-carrying capacity, and O2 is absorbed directly into the plasma and tissue of the body.

Interesting, Yes?

You can also learn more on, a primary education website where you can find a list of treated conditions, research, the benefits of HBOT in athletics, testimonials and much more.

You can buy a personalized chamber and have it installed in your home.

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