Americans Say Biden Will Not Run in 2024, Trump Beats Harris

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Even though she will be the 1st US VP to have wax figure at Madame Tussauds New your museum” — Paul Ebeling

And this does not help Ms. Harris either: If you are not familiar with Pastor Manning – he tells it like it is. He grew really popular during the Hussein Obama regime, because of his dislike for Barry. Dr. Manning is the pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Red Springs, North Carolina.

Tune in to this please because Pastor Manning is back, and this time he is weighing in on the Willie Brown and Kamala relationship.

As you likely know, Willie Brown was the former mayor of San Francisco.

Pastor Manning provides “backstory” information we have never heard before about Ms. Kamala and Mayor Willie, and lets us know that back in the day, Kamala was known as the “Playgirl of San Francisco.”

Mr. Biden now has a net unfavorable rating among independents (47% approve to 51% disapprove), whites (44% – 56%), voters over 55 (47% – 53%), and men (47% – 52%).

The news for Ms. Harris is worse. She’s favorable with less than half (47%) of all voters, while 48% are unfavorable to her. Even though she will be the 1st US VP to have wax figure at Madame Tussauds New your museum.

President Trump (45) defeats Vice President Kamala Harris head-to-head, something made more significant by 67% of American voters saying they do not think Mr. Biden will finish his current term, according to a new poll.

When asked if Ms. Harris will be president before the end of Mr. Biden’s 4-yr term, 64% of likely voters in the McLaughlin monthly May poll said she would.

Even among Mr. Biden voters (51%) and Democrats (50%), many said it is likely Ms. Harris will be president.

In a presidential contest pitting President Trump against Ms. Harris, the former President leads 49% to 45%.

President Trump leads Ms. Harris among independents (48% – 42%) and suburban voters (52% – 42%), but also takes 39% of Hispanics and 17% of black Americans.

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