Americans Do Not Like What They are Seeing from the Biden White House

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“There is a void of leadership in this country,” Eric Trump

Crime is skyrocketing, prices are going through the roof, as inflation abounds. Many are afraid, they cannot afford gasoline in their cars of real food on their tables. President Trump (45) had these problems under control.

Plus, the southern border is out of control. The Trump Wall was working, and they were building miles and miles and miles of it every day and Mr. Biden’s reckless immigration policies are working too, they are destroying our country.

Neither Mr. Biden and/or Ms. Harris have visited the southern border during a crisis of mass migration due to the administration’s open borders policy.

Plus, they are are not doing press conferences. They are really not traveling anywhere. It appears that there is a vacuum in Washington: no energy, no speed. no desire to fix these problems, and that is not acceptable to The People.

Moderates and America First MAGA-supporters are lamenting the contrast in the Trump nd Biden administrations.

This president has become embattled and his approval rating is sinking fast. Ir has fallen below 50%, according to a new Trafalgar Group poll with current 48.3% approving of his job performance and 47.5% disapproving.

The number is a deep dive from the prior month when a Gallup poll showed Mr. Biden with a 57% approval rating.

Mr. Biden’s drop in recent wks comes as he continues to struggle with the CDC mixed messages on the VirusCasedemic, a surge of illegal aliens at the southern border, a weak jobs report, escalating violence in the Mideast due to his anti-Israel stance, and more.

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