Amazing Career Opportunities in the Thoroughbred Industry

When you leave high school or university it’s hard to know what your next step should be – there are so many career choices. It’s even harder to know what a job will be like when you do it and whether it is going to be the right fit for you.

The thoroughbred industry is all about passion. For most people who work in the industry, their passion starts with a love of horses. For others, it starts with a love of the excitement that racing brings. One thing is for sure, once you work in the thoroughbred industry your love of horses grows to a higher level.

The thoroughbred industry has two major sectors; the breeding industry and the racing industry, and within these, there are many different types of careers. So, to take the challenge out of deciding straight away we have designed a 12-month pathway which allows you to Explore.

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Part 1 – ‘Boot Camp’ (3 months)

Move into Western Sydney University, Richmond Campus

Students commence their 12-week learning block at Richmond.

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Overview of learning:

Cadets will be placed in a learning stream suitable to their skills sets.

  • Trackwork Riding (students will be assessed as to their riding ability)
  • The basics of attending to thoroughbreds for racing and breeding
  • Workplace communications
  • Occupational Health & Safety of yourself and others
  • About the Thoroughbred Industry – career pathways and career progression
  • Understanding of the thoroughbred industry: the rules of racing, how racing is administered and funded
  • Pedigrees, confirmation and the auction process
  • Fitness of horses and Explorers, basic conditioning programs
  • Raceday procedures
  • Trackwork times and paces
  • Excursions and talks by industry experts
  • Prepare thoroughbreds for parturition
  • Manage personal health and fitness
  • Identify factors that affect racehorse performance
  • Provide first aid and emergency care for horses

Qualifications received upon completion of Boot Camp will be outlined during the enrolment process.

Industry Days

Throughout the 12-week Boot Camp, students will gain valuable insight into the thoroughbred industry through Industry Days. This includes excursions to the races, yearling sales, morning track work and stud farms, along with hearing from leading trainers, jockeys, bloodstock agents, media and administrators about their careers in the industry.

Life Skills

The Explorer Cadetship Program will include the development of valuable life skills. Topics include; work ethic, being on time and being reliable, personal presentation and language, manners, self-respect and respect for others, how to conduct yourself, how to greet people and how to speak to owners/clients, personal motivation, health and fitness (mental health), healthy eating habits, how to work in a team and how to resolve conflict.

Part 2 – (4.5 months)

Once you complete your 12- week residential training you will commence part 2 of the program with a leading racing stable which Thoroughbred Industry Careers will allocate you to. Your accommodation will be provided by your employer and the cost of this will be deducted from your remuneration package, taking the worry out of finding a place to live while you work and learn.

During your stable placement, you will gain invaluable hands-on experience in a leading racing stable, in conjunction with seeing first hand all the elements and careers which the industry offers.

When you start work with your racing stable, your teachers will do a handover with your employer, so that you will be given work suitable to your abilities at that stage. Once with your employer, your responsibilities may grow as you grow in your experience.

Visit our FAQ’s page to find out how Cadets are paid.

Part 3 (4.5 months)

Part 3 of the program will see you move to a rural area to work for a leading stud farm (accommodation will be provided on the farm). During this phase you will learn the vital day to day workings of a commercial stud farm from mares foaling, mares being served and preparing yearlings for major Australian Yearling Sales.

There are many careers in the breeding industry and during this time you will be able to see first-hand if any area is of interest to you.

End of January 2020 – Graduation

The final part of the Program will be the Graduation Ceremony and mentorship into the area of the industry Explorers would like to pursue. There are many traineeships and apprenticeships available within the industry which Explorers will be able to enter in to and the training completed throughout the year will contribute to a National Qualification in Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding industry.

Applications are now open, don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

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