Advertising Industry Taking New Technological Approaches

The advertising industry has gotten hold of the new holography techniques to create 3D images of ads in place of the old 2D visuals and graphics. Holograms create attractive and attention-grabbing advertisements for basically any product.

3D holograms can be created to cater to a wide range of advertisements, which are inviting the major brands to splurge on them.

Nike recently collaborated with various media companiesto launch a 3D advertisement campaign in Europe with the help ofHOLOCUBE , an integrated 3D projection platform for product advertisements.

Hypervsnis another big name in the 3D holographic advertisement industry. It is a system specially designed for attracting audience and increasing the sales by designing digital campaigns and billboards. The advertising devices can be
easily operated and the commercials can run for 24 hours of the day, every day.

With the onset of 3D advertising, fancy LED billboards are now a thing of the past!

The technology used for creating three-dimensional holographic images involves a combination of multiple strips containing a large number of tiny LED lights, which are arranged in a fan-like structure. The strips spin at an extremely high speed to produce the illusion of a floating 3D image or video.

Advertisements using these holograms can be designed in a wide variety of forms including different shapes, sizes and colors. The realistic high-definition images produced by this technique and the ease of setting up such advertisements is creating a large customer base for these holographic advertising companies.

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