AAII Sentiment Survey

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The results from the latest AAII Sentiment Survey show a strong rebound in Bullish sentiment, and the number of investors describing their outlook for stocks as Neutral decreased significantly compared to last week’s results” — Paul Ebeling

This week’s results:

Bullish: 29.9%, up 7.4 points
Neutral: 30.9%, down 7.3 points
Bearish: 39.2%, down 0.1 points

Historical averages:

Bullish: 38.0%
Neutral: 31.5%
Bearish: 30.5%

At current marks, the 3 readings are within their typical historical ranges. Though pessimism remains near the upper end of its range. The breakpoint between typical and unusually high bearish readings is 40.1%.

The return to normalcy from the VirusCasedemic, monetary and fiscal stimulus and inflationary pressures are influencing individual investors’ outlook for stocks. Other factors include earnings, valuations and the Biden administration’s failing initiatives

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