“A Very Swift Kind of Recovery for Fall”

Despite being critical of how long the US remained in lockdown due to the C-19 coronavirus chaos, former Trump Campaign economic adviser Stephen Moore is confident in a Fall recovery.

It will be a slow process,” Mr. Moore said, “but you have got to get going.

I do believe that by the end of the Summer we are going to see a very swift kind of recovery for the Fall.”

Consumers are still a little bit afraid to go outside,” Mr. Moore said. “People are nervous. They are worried about their health. Every day you see more and more people venturing out. You see more and more people getting on the job.

It is going to be a tough Summer . . . as we try to get our feet back on the ground, but I believe that by the end of the Summer we could start to see a real recovery.”

Mr. Moore is an economic adviser on the White House coronavirus task force, helping the administration get the economy rolling again safely.

There are 30-M Americans currently collecting unemployment and Q-1 GDP fell 4.8%, the largest contraction since The Great Recession in Y 2009.

President Trump is going to need the economic revival by the Fall, when the 2020 election cycle will kick into high gear. President Trump’s #1 re-election message is a strong economy, but the global C-19 coronavirus chaos has made it a bit difficult.

Mr. Moore laments the progressively slow return to business, particularly in the bigger-budget blue states, is setting up a “tough Summer,” due to lingering C-19 coronavirus infection fears.

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