A Trump Win in 2020 Spells End of This Democratic Party

A Trump Win in 2020 Spells End of This Democratic Party

Conservative economist Stephen Moore predicts that a Donald Trump re-election victory in Y 2020 will bring about the demise of the Democratic Party as we know it today.

Mr. Moore’s prediction followed a series of bullish economic reports, including 3.8% unemployment and an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) analysis showing the United States now enjoys the fastest growing economy in the developed world.

“Most DC locals think it is 10%,” he sayd. “They can’t even imagine the American people would make this ‘tragic mistake’ 2X, right?”

Mr. Moore predicts strong 3.5 to 4% GDP growth over the next year, adding another Trump victory in Y 2020 would effectively spell the demise of the current Democratic coalition, which has continued to slide further and further to the progressive left as the Democratic base stays transfixed by President Trump Tweets, and unproven musings of collusion with the Russians on anything.

Mr. Moore, a Heritage Foundation visiting fellow, says the Democratic Party is “lunatic” in the sense that “You can’t be pro-worker and anti-business.”

He adds that he does not consider the mid-term elections particularly consequential, because if Democrats win control of both chambers, “They’re going to waste 2 years trying to destroy Trump, and that’s only going to sow the seeds of their destruction. They think that’s an agenda. It’s a negative message: Kill Trump. What’s the positive message coming out of the Democrats these days…? It’s all negative.”

If Donald Trump wins reelection in Y 2020, he predicts, “The Democratic Party will collapse and there will be a new party that will emerge that will hopefully be a centrist party. What’s happened to the Democratic Party the last 10 years is a tragedy, it’s horrible. It’s like Hugo Chavez is running the Democratic Party.”


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