5 Step Skincare Routine Every Woman Needs In Their Life

1. Clean The Face

Remove makeup and dirt Before you go to bed make sure to wash off your makeup. Use a makeup remover first and thoroughly clean off your makeup, then wash your face with an exfoliating face scrub to make sure your pores are cleaned out.

2. Moisturize

The face can get very dry, oily or be a combination of the two for many reasons. Either the sun or the cold is drying you out, maybe your sweating and its making your face oily, maybe the face wash dries your skin out. What’s important is that after we wash, we moisturize. Rejuvenate the skin, bring it back to life, give it some volume and help eliminate those lines. Don’t let your skin dry out and look worn out. Hydrate, moisture, drink water.

3. Exfoliate

This step is a lot more Important than it may seem. It’s incredibly how much more alive your skin and complexion looks after a good exfoliation. Dead skin slowly builds on the face, making us look dirty and old even if we wash, we aren’t getting that dead skin off. Get a strong exfoliating scrub, not a smooth feeling one, or an exfoliating mit. It needs to feel like your scrubbing the dead skin off. And do this one to two times a week or whenever you notice your skin getting dryer or patchy.

A really good way to tell when you need to exfoliate is when you apply foundation and you see the dead skin patches on your face. That foundation isn’t applying as smooth as it used to. Then you need to exfoliate.

4. Toner

To go the extra step, it can help to use a toner for your face. The best way to do this is to wash your hands, wash your face, make sure everything is clean, then instead of using a cotton bud to apply the toner. Put a bit on your hands and just pressed it into the skin, that will allow it to really take full effect and tone your skin up that bit more.

5. Face Mask

Moisturizing and face masks are quite different. One quickly hydrates the skin from the natural dryness you may experience and the other deaply hydrates your face and relaxes it. It gives you a chance to let that moisture soak in thoroughly and rejuvenate you from all the stress and dirt your face goes through.

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