3 Easy Hidden Talents You Can Learn To Impress Friends

Sometimes it can be fun to pull out a new or hidden trick you have in-front of your friends. Something they never knew you could do.

Whether it be something useful like picking a lock, something funny like moon-walking out of a conversation, something shocking like pulling a scarf through your neck, or something incredible like being able to tell when its raining. Learn how to do them all below.

1. Pick a Lock

Picking a lock will come in handy a few times in our lives and to know someone who can do this, is a life saver. Whether it is to open your dorm windows more than you normally could or if your stuck outside your house. Even better, if your friend/date is stuck outside their house, your their saviour.

To do this, watch the short video belwo.

2. Moonwalk

Moon-walking may not seem like a cool hidden talent, but when you time it right, it can make a few people laugh and may even get the attention of that special someone. Being dorky sometimes is always cute.

3. Pull a Scarf Through Your Neck

To pull a scarf through your neck what you need to do is a little complicated to be explained through words, so take a watch of this quick 4 minute video to learn.

4. Know When It’s Raining

Not everyone can have a fifth sense like Karen Smith from Mean Girls. Maybe stick to learning the tricks above. Sorry!

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