3 Dating Mistakes Young Women Make

Cancelling Your Plans

As a young person, we have not been on that many dates yet, or at least we haven’t learnt from them that much yet. So one mistake a lot of young people make when dating is cancelling plans they already have to go on a date instead. If you have plans, then you have plans and you shouldn’t cancel for someone you barely know, especially if it’s a first date. Make sure you value your own life first and then make space for that date around your life. This will prevent you from soon becoming dependent on your partner as you’ve basically cancelled your life to just be with them.

Too Much Effort

The second mistake young people make when dating is putting in way too much effort. Some women will go through a 3 hour pampering shower, buy new clothes and cancel their plans just to go on a first date. What you don’t realize though is that this person doesn’t deserve that from you yet. They haven’t shown you that they are serious about getting to know you as a person. And during that whole day that you spend getting ready, you are fantasizing about the date, which can lead to high expectations that may be let down. You need to meet someone and get to know them for the person they are, not from your fantasies or social media stalking!

So next time you go on a date, get ready nicely as you normally would, be comfortable as well. Don’t get too sexy to the point where your uncomfortable or distracting your date from getting to know you as a person, how smart you are, how kind you are and what an amazing, confident person you are.

Low Self Confidence

When you go on a date, it may be nerve wrecking. You’re meeting a completely new person, or you’re spending one on one time with someone you know. They are going to see everything you do with no distractions around, they are going to hear everything you say with the job to be receptive and respond, so everything you say will go into their head. On a date you’re basically being watched the whole time. So have confidence, in yourself and who you are. You have friends who love you, a family who loves you, there’s no reason this date won’t see what your friends and family do too and then grow to love you as well. So be yourself, because that’s the person the people around you love right? Right.

Be goofy, or chill, or nerdy, whatever your style is, be that. Talk about who you are and don’t hesitate about who you are. If this person isn’t a match, they will still respect you for being real. And you may have built a friendship right there. Self confidence and being yourself is the biggest key to building relationships and making friends.

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