2020: Gauging the Collector Car Market

The Scottsdale auctions are the 1st of the season in the collector car world and offer a gauge of where the market will head in 2020. “You know, there certainly are gonna be records in segments,” Gooding says.

Gooding sales at last year’s Scottsdale auction totaled $48.2-M, a bit less than the $49-M sold the year before.

Gooding told us Friday that the market for collector cars started to slow in Y 2019. “Pebble Beach prices were down, but still very strong. And, you know, I think we feel very good about today’s sale. We will see. The proof is in the pudding. The great thing about the auctions is none of us really know how they will do.”

A rare ‘48 Tucker headed for the auction block could be a bellwether for this year’s market, Gooding said, especially if it sells for more than $2-M. But he says the real payoff is keeping historic and rare cars on the road. “So it’s fun when you can discover them and share them with other car enthusiasts,” he said.

We wait, we see…I will report the numbers Tuesday.

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