2020: Border Wall, Mexico Will Pay for It

President Trump vowed he will get Mexico to pay for the border wall, saying an announcement will come during the 2020 Presidential election campaign.

“By the way, they think they caught me,” President Trump said, pointing to the media during his campaign rally Tuesday night in Milwaukee. “They never catch us.

“Because, you know Mexico’s paying for the wall. You know that. You’ll see that.”

Although his Y 2016 campaign left open the possibility that Mexico might somehow contribute to the cost indirectly, President Trump repeatedly roused the campaign rally crowd Tuesday night in Milwaukee with the straight-ahead promise: “I will have Mexico pay for that wall.”

It’s all worked out,” Trump continued Tuesday night. “Mexico’s paying; it’s driving them crazy. Now, they’re saying he’s building the wall, but Mexico didn’t pay.

Mexico will pay, and here’s the thing: You’ll see that. It’ll come out.

President Trump teased a future announcement on how he will get Mexico to pay for the wall at the general election debate this coming fall, a “real debate,” President Trump said, rejecting the Democratic Presidential primary debate also going on in Iowa Tuesday night.

We’ll do it sometime during the debate, maybe before,” President Trump said. “Our debate, the real debate. The real debate that people are going to watch.

“Mexico will pay for it!”

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