2020: 1st Lady Melania Trump

FACT: Melania Trump is 1 of President Trump’s greatest assets, she is graceful, classy, and beautiful.

She is a blend of strength and modesty. Melania is a mother 1st, and 1st Lady 2nd. She is beautiful, smart, and has a heart of gold.

So, it is no wonder that she’s winning over more and more women for President Trump.

Donald and Melania are a all-American traditional couple. He is the strong Alpha Male and she is the supportive wife.

First lady Melania Trump’s classy ability to handle attacks on her while keeping the focus on her and the president’s agenda steady is a top reason Republican women are flocking to support President Trump, according to a new survey.

In a deep dive into the reasons women back the president, the survey put President Trump’s accomplishments and his wife at the Top and said that she is a sign that the President has good “judgment.”

The survey from the Frontier Center, provided Friday to Secrets, said, “Female supporters included First Lady Melania Trump as one of Trump’s greatest assets as she, too, provides leadership for how to act in a hostile culture.” The Washington Examiner

This new survey is why The Trump Campaign decided to put our 1st Lady on the campaign trail to help our President’s reelection bid.

The survey results came from a study of “high-intensity” support at the President’s recent rally in Manchester, New Hampshire

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