14yo Shooter Arrested in Bangkok Thailand’s Siam Paragon

Police officers have detained the “culprit” responsible for the shooting incident in Siam Paragon.

It is reported that The assailant gave up his weapon. While the number of injured Pending confirmation On October 3, 2023, reporters reported that From the case of a criminal incident

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There was a shooting incident in the Paragon department store. before the people inside the mall ran away to their deaths. Including evacuating people in the mall from the area.

Most recently, at approximately 5:09 p.m., it was reported that officials were able to arrest the culprit. The assailant laid down his weapon and surrendered while reporting the number of injured.

There is no confirmation yet. If there is progress, it will be reported further.

Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok, Thailand is now closed after reports of “loud sounds” emerged. Video clips shared on social media show people running out of the building.

Thai police are on their way to the mall and cannot yet confirm if there are any injuries. Initial reports said the gunshots came from a toilet on the ground floor.

Other shoppers are said to have taken shelter inside stores at the mall. One user wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter: “There’s a shooting incident in Siam Paragon. To anyone going or planning to go there, please avoid it at this moment. Stay safe everyone.” While another posted a video running through the shopping mall with what appeared to be the sound of gunfire in the background. They said: “There must be so many people stuck inside.” The Bangkok Skytrain Siam Station, next to the mall, is reportedly closed and the suspect is still unidentified.

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