#1 Book That Opens Your Mind To Understanding Governmental Power


A man’s nightmare was turned into one of the biggest futuristic selling novels of all time. As 1984 by George Orwell was written in 1948, it makes the book even more interesting. This man had a prophecy he believed in so much, he wrote a book, and here we are today with his predictions come true. He predicted a world of conformity, organised hate, continuous surveillance, a world where language and history are being systematically destroyed, where living people can be erased from existence.

The book is from the perspective of a man living in this dystopian world, Winston Smith. His against the regime, but has to keep his thoughts locked away as your thoughts falling ill of the government is a punishable crime. He falls in love with a woman against the regime too and they….. Read the book to find out more. It’s worth it.

The book opens your mind to what pressure from outside forces can do to you. How being stuck in the same routine everyday can drive someone crazy and push them to making bad decisions. People need freedom, to think, socialize, express their opinions, and to move along the human food chain, you can’t place someone somewhere in life and expect it to work. We work for where we want to be.

The book teaches us about human nature yes, but one thing George Orwell got wrong was how people reacted under pressure, such as torture. George Orwell, as Winston Smith said that anyone being tortured would willingly sacrifice someone they claimed to love to save themselves. But as we know, and as we can see today, that’s not true. People have a strong sense of loyalty, even to people they don’t love, even criminals have a sense of loyalty. We respect and understand that as people under the government, we can’t let pressure get to us, we can’t snitch on our friends. We must be stronger than the system, because at the end of the day, while the law controls some through their jobs, we must stand together as people to watch from right and wrong as well.” – Ivy Heffernan, Business Economics Student

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