America’s Women Voters Warm Up To Donald Trump

America’s Women Voters Warm Up To Donald Trump

America’s Women Voters Warm Up To Donald Trump

Women are warming up to Donald Trump, and with Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers steadily falling, chances are better now than ever that Doanld Trump could hammer her in a general election.

In Tuesday’s New York primary, Donald Trump took 59% of the female vote despite his war of words with Megyn Kelly, which some saw as a sexist attack.

“The women in New York appreciate what he’s saying, when he’s talking about the economy getting better,” Rep. Diane Black, (R-TN) said.

“Women represent 52% of the population and so they are very concerned about the economy as we all are over the last 8 years we have seen a lack of ability to be able to raise our salaries and to be able to have health care for our family.

“Women are looking for someone who will talk about the things that are important to them and obviously Donald Trump is talking about this.”

But many Republicans point to polling which indicates Mrs. Clinton, if she wins the Democratic Presidential nomination, can beat Donald Trump come November.

Not necessarily so, said Rep. Black, a member of the US House Budget and Ways and Means committees.

“As we look at what Hillary Clinton’s numbers are, we see that since the fall of last year she has fallen by 30 points in her popularity,” Rep. Black said.

“When you put Hillary against Donald Trump, who is having some pretty good numbers out there on the campaign trail, he can certainly beat her.

Her numbers are not coming up. Her numbers are going down. That’s very telling about what the possibilities are in November.”

From HRC’s outlook, she has to run as the woman running for president, not as Hillary, but the 1st woman running for office. She has to say she is running to stop Donald Trump from eviscerating and destroying all the progress women have made.

Donald has to run the race entirely based on Hillary’s corruption. He should say to Hillary: ‘The issue isn’t are you going to the White House or not, but why haven’t you gone to jail?’

The campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is going to be particularly fierce.

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