America’s Voters Delivered a Split Decision Tuesday

America’s Voters Delivered a Split Decision Tuesday

America’s Voters Delivered a Split Decision Tuesday

  • Trump Praises Republicans, Willing to Work With Dem House
  • Trump Declares Victory, Slams ‘Fake News’
  • Tuesday Night Was Net Gain for Republican State Governors
  • Trump: Americans Understand Mueller Probe Is a ‘Disgusting Witch Hunt’

America’s voters in Tuesday’s election delivered a split decision that gave both Democrats and President Donald Trump room to declare victory, with the result being a new Congress next year that will be just as deeply divided as the electorate that sent them to Washington.

Democrats reclaimed control of the House 220-196, with 21 seats still undecided as of Wednesday. Nancy Pelosi is the favorite to once again wield the Speaker’s gavel.

It appears Democrats did not flip the massive number of House seats they hoped for 6 weeks ago when the media was abuzz with talk of a “blue wave”.

Wednesday, President Donald Trump applauded the Republican Party’s work to expand its Senate majority, while “significantly beating expectations in the House.”

President Donald Trump tore intoCNN’s Jim Acosta during a Wednesday afternoon press conference, disagreeing with him on immigration and lambasting the network’s ratings.

Their argument began after Mr. Acosta told President Trump he wanted to “challenge” him on one of the statements he had made about an immigrant caravan heading through Mexico, and eventually escalated to President Trump moving away from his podium after telling Mr. Acosta to sit down.

“You are a rude, terrible person,” President Trump told him. “You should not be working for CNN. Go ahead. You are a very rude person, the way that you treat Sarah Huckabee Sanders is horrible. The way that you treat other people is horrible. You should not treat people that way.”

“I am not concerned about anything with the Russian investigation, because it is a hoax,” said  President Trump. “That is enough, put down the mic.”

Then, moving away from the podium, President Trump added to that CNN should be “ashamed of themselves” for employing him (Acosta)

On the matter of Dems investigating President Trump activities and tax returns:

The new House Democratic majority will not have much room to launch investigations against The Trump Administration because their voters will hold them to account, Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday.

“Where is the appetite in some of these swing districts that Democrats narrowly won last night, where their voters are saying, ‘Look, you screwed up last year in not voting for this tax cut that has been historic and stimulated an economic boom that’s unprecedented under President Trump… you voted against that, and now, all you are voting to do is investigate and subpoena?'” Ms. Conway said in a TV interview.

The new majority will “do what they have to do, but at their own peril.’

She added that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who many believe will be restored to the speaker seat she held from Y 2007 to 2011, called President Trump Tuesday night after Democrats regained the House majority, but did not mention investigating the President.

Ms. Conway also said that she thinks Democrats will have to make the choice between working with President Trump or attacking him, and she believes there will be a “tale of 2 Democratic Parties” on Capitol Hill.

“The President already has shown in the first couple of years that he is willing to meet the Democrats,” said Ms. Conway. “We just, two weeks ago, had historic bipartisan legislation on the opioid and drug crisis. Actually, every Democrat in the house voted for that law that the president signed into law…he has shown that when he elevates an issue, and leads that they follow. They will join with him. “

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