America’s Trucking Industry Needs Over 60-K Drivers

America’s Trucking Industry Needs Over 60-K Drivers

America’s Trucking Industry Needs Over 60-K Drivers

Trucking companies have a labor shortage, with over 60,000 open positions this year and 2X that number expected in coming years, it signals a crisis that could undermine the US economy

“Trucking is seen as a last resort if people can’t find another job,” an admissions representative at TDDS Technical Institute, an independent trucker school in Ohio. “We’re a hidden diamond for people looking for and want to work.”

We should all know that nearly every item sold in America involves a truck at some point, and the industry’s current labor shortage has the power to effect the entire economy, including uncontrolled inflation and a recession.

At TDDS, teachers say the situation is unprecedented in their experience.

“As long as you can get in and out of a truck and pass a physical, a trucking company will take a look at you now,” the job placement coordinator at TDDS.

Most trucking companies offer jobs that pay $60,000 to $70,000, with full benefits and a $4,000 signing bonus.

But the industry’s problems go deeper than rising operations costs and a labor shortage.

Trucking is 1 of the most dangerous professions in America, with over 1,000 fatalities among operators in Y 2016 according US Labor Department figures.

“It takes a special breed to be a trucker,” Rick Rathburn Jr., the owner of TDDS. “It’s a tough job.”


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