America’s Progressive Dems Putting US National Security at Risk

America’s Progressive Dems Putting US National Security at Risk

America’s Progressive Dems Putting US National Security at Risk

Sunday, US President Donald Trump lashed out at criticism of raids that have targeted hundreds of illegal immigrants around the country, justifying the actions as fulfillment of his campaign vow.

President Trump suggested the roundups were aimed at those with gang and drug ties and “others.”

He is making good on his campaign vows, they were not poetry, they are the Actions of a strong leader.

Meanwhile, up on The Hill:

“Democrats are sabotaging America’s national security and the party is about to fall over a cliff”,  bestselling author David Horowitz says.

Adding, that the left-leaning in America is doing more harm than good when it comes to keeping people safe.

“I think the Democratic Party is sabotaging our national security,” said Mr. Horowitz.

“They’ve sabotaged our borders, they supported 100% Obama’s treason in arming the Hitlerites in Tehran. You can’t give a path to nuclear weapons, and he gave about $150-200-M to these terrorists who are leading their populations in chants of ‘death to America.’ How nutty is that?”

Mr. Horowitz surmised that Republicans need to continue defeating Democrats on Election Day so they can rediscover the Stars & Stripes.

“The Democratic Party has veered so far to the left,” he said. “It’s right at the edge of a cliff that’s going to go over and needs to go over and be soundly defeated at the polls so they can get some patriotic sense back.”

Mr. Horowitz added that Democrats are engaging in a “Witch Hunt” by rallying together to oppose President Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees.

“I think it’s already burying the Democrats. This is obstruction,” he said.

Have a terrific weekend.

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