America’s Labor Union Members Supporting Donald Trump

America’s Labor Union Members Supporting Donald Trump

America’s Labor Union Members Supporting Donald Trump

US labor union leaders admit that the Rank & File is giving more support to Donald Trump than other Republican candidates have received in recent elections despite the leaders efforts to persuade them otherwise.

In the last 2 Presidential elections, union households voted nearly 60% for Barack Hussein Obama, leaving just above 40% for the Republican candidate.

But so far, according to the latest polls, Donald Trump is receiving 50% support among union households, a significant increase that could be the determining factor in such Key states as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who has called Donald Trump “dangerous, delusional and a demagogue,” wrote that workers must resist Donald Trump, because “I know real down-home talk when I hear it, but I also can detect baloney and bluster. Trump is full of the latter. Trump says he loves ‘right to work’ legislation that would make it harder for workers to speak up on the job. He has routinely attacked the rights of workers at his own company. And despite the fact that American workers have not gotten a real raise in 40 years, Trump says wages are too high.”

Those techniques are not swaying large number of members who otherwise have voted Democratic in the past.

Although the only trade unions that have endorsed Donald Trump are the National Border Patrol Council and the New England Police Benevolent Association, but officially the leadership against him is strong.

In addition to tapping into a general frustration with Washington DC politics, the media reports that Donald Trump’s tough on trade message and promises to punish companies that move manufacturing factories to cheaper foreign markets are striking a chord among many of America’s working class voters.

The fact that union members are currently bitterly divided between support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also does not help with the effort to unite against Donald Trump.

Let’s let Americans earn again!

Trumpeting for Trump

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