What is America’s Favorite Beach?

What is America’s Favorite Beach?

What is America’s favorite beach? While there are many opinion-based responses to this question, Stacey Sao, the master researcher behind recreational information hub Tipspoke, decided to get an unbiased, fact-based answer. Following a uniquely rigorous 3-step process (details below) with Google Consumer Surveys, Tipspoke uncovered the results for the favorite beaches in the US to be as follows:

1. Myrtle Beach, SC
2. Miami Beach, FL
3. Clearwater Beach, FL (2-way tie for 3rd)
3. Destin Beach, FL (2-way tie for 3rd)
5. Daytona Beach, FL
6. Siesta Key FL
7. Cocoa Beach, FL
8. Venice Beach, CA
9. Huntington Beach, CA
10. 4-way tie for 10th place: Jones Beach, NY; Malibu Beach, CA; Newport Beach, CA; and Panama City Beach, FL

There were also 5 notable runner-ups that made the extended list: La Jolla, CA; Pismo Beach, CA; Long Beach, CA; Ocean City, NJ; Outer Banks, NC; and Virginia Beach, VA.

“The Carolinas made an impressive showing with Myrtle Beach coming in first and Outer Banks making the extended list. Florida and California made the strongest overall showings, dominating the top ten. Jones Beach also made the cut, bringing one home for the great state of New York,” said Ms. Sao. “Every single one of these beaches is a real winner and each has something unique and special to offer.”

The combination of three attributes makes this survey uniquely unbiased and representative of popular opinion. First, it was not limited to any specific readership (i.e., not subscribers to a travel website), but rather distributed broadly across the US through the power of Google Consumer Surveys. Second, it did not offer a list from which people could choose; instead, it offered an open question for the respondent to fill in their “favorite” beach without any aid or bias. Third, the survey was published randomly to thousands of adults in the US and ran until over one thousand responses were tabulated.

Media outlets are welcome to freely use the survey data or chart when accompanied with a courtesy credit and link to https://tipspoke.com. Tipspoke also performs research on other topics and can conduct custom research in partnership with media outlets.

About Tipspoke

Tipspoke’s core mission is to help people discover fun things to do to enrich their lives. Tipspoke is an online hub that partners with the media, subject-matter experts, and local organizations to fulfill this mission. Tipspoke’s flagship free service includes a searchable database of over 3,000 activities across over 40 major metro areas. CEO, Stacey Sao, is a Villanova grad who launched the successful Boston-area website BostonCentral in 2001, before launching Tipspoke. For more information, please visit: https://tipspoke.com

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