“America’s Economy Firing on All Cylinders”

“America’s Economy Firing on All Cylinders”

“America’s Economy Firing on All Cylinders”

  • A Salute to All American Worker on Labor Day

US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta spent Labor Day visiting the Chicago branch of the nation’s largest police union — and posting several tweets praising President Donald Trump’s job-focused policies.

“Our nation’s brave members of law enforcement work on the front lines each day to protect Americans,” Secretary Acosta wrote in a Twitter picture of his visit to the National Fraternal Order of Police.

In one labor-themed tweet, Acosts wrote “pro-growth policies have America’s economy firing on all cylinders,” while another touted efforts to transition people from jails to jobs that also help “job creators grow the economy.”

Still another praised the administration’s “job-driven education.”

The upbeat messaging followed President Trump’s earlier Tweet attacks on AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, the head of the nation’s largest federation of labor unions, a rebuke of Trumka’s criticism of Trump’s labor policies during an appearance on TV Sunday.

President Donald Trump is fulfilling his election pledge to take care of the American worker with his calls to go ahead with a new trade deal with or without Canada, Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) said Monday.

“That is what comes out of the Mexico negotiation,” the Virginia Republican, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, said in a TV interview.

The best part of it all, Mr. Brat added, is that Americans are seeing the lobbyists and special interests pushing to have their piece of the trade deal negotiated their way.

“That’s why we want free markets, so you don’t have the political corruption buying off certain sectors,” said Brat. “We’re moving in the right direction, but it’s tough.”

When it comes the American worker, the “mainstream media” does not report the growth that has and is happening

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