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America’s Companies Rethink Their Supply Chains

On Economic Distancing

We now know that we have a economic partner who hid data about a new coronavirus for months, thus allowing it to spread worldwide, and destroying supply chains along the way.

The Big Q: How much do we want to rely on them in the future?

The Big A: Countries that hide their data are candidates for economic distancing.

Looking ahead to the positive side of The China Virus, as follows:

  1. Jobs and manufacturing were moving closer to the market of end users using robots and 3D printing, means good jobs.
  2. This trend shift away from globalization and toward localization will accelerate. Over time, that means lots more jobs in the US. That will build more reliable supply chains. Critical medical and socially necessary products should be made in the home made. That realized has already began.
  3. Once the CDC and FDA stopped trying to control things and got out of the way, we started to experience innovation and drugs to deal with COVID-19. There are at least 100 different vaccines and drugs that are in development or being tested.
  4. Freed of government regulation, doctors have found that certain drugs already available can reduce the time a patient is sick from 11 days to 4 days greatly increase the survival rate.
  5. Americans have started to design and make do-it-yourself ventilators made from parts you can buy at a hardware store. Note: The 1st ventilators were made by Boeing (NYSE:BA) for bombers in WWII. American ingenuity is great.

On protecting yourself from the coronavirus: the 5 Keys are; get a lot of sleep, eat real food, manage stress, wash your hand, and add as much social distancing as you can.

People have the means to get through this. Not only can we do it, but as Americans we must do it.

We need a world that is thriving and growing so that humanity can move forward.

Keep the faith, there will be so much opportunity as we come out of this, the rebound will be solid, the future is bright.

Have a healthy weekend, stay at home!

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