Americans See Through Dems’ Hitting on President Trump

Americans See Through Dems’ Hitting on President Trump

The accusations being levied against President Trump are all about tearing him down before the Y 2020 election, and most American voters understand that is what is happening.

“I’m not saying the Republicans wouldn’t do the same thing if the shoe were on the other foot, but it is part of the reason that the American people don’t trust Congress and don’t trust Washington,” Senator John Kennedy (R:LA) told reporters

“The President of the United States was elected fairly by the American people. Some people were angry about it and are still angry about it.”

But instead of putting aside their anger and solving problems, Democrats want to play politics until the next election he said.

“This is America, and you can do that, if you are a Congressman or Senator, but do not believe that the American people are not fooled.”

Senator Kennedy also said he doubts former Trump attorney Michael Cohen told members of Congress anything during this 3 days of hearings that he has not already given to special counsel Robert Mueller or the US Attorney’s office.

“Mr. Cohen has a checkered past and he is a little imbalanced, you know?” Kennedy said. “I’m not saying he is on the pipe crazy, but he is just not balanced. He is bitter and angry.”

Over the weekend, Senator Mark Warner (D:VA), also said there is “enormous amounts of evidence” pointing to claims Donald Trump colluded with Russians to win the election, but Senator Kennedy said he does not see it.

Stay tuned…

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