Americans Need to Know What the FISA Court Knew and From Whom

Americans Need to Know What the FISA Court Knew and From Whom

Americans Need to Know What the FISA Court Knew and From Whom

US President Donald Trump has been vindicated by a GOP memo alleging FBI surveillance abuses.

But, not be until Americans see exactly what was given to that secret court that OK’d the tap will it be complete in the eyes of many.

Let’s see the transcripts

The House GOP memo exposed “an American disgrace.”

“The Democrats want to put their memo out, the Republicans want to put their memo out — and let’s be honest they’re both going to be political in the way they are written because that’s the nature of the beast in Washington,” Michael Reagan said.

“Why don’t we ask and see exactly what was given to the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] . . .  courts in order for them to go forward,” he said. “Let’s put it all on the table so the American people can see exactly what was said in the FISA document that the courts ruled on.

“Let’s look at it, instead of looking at the political side of it from the left and the right . . . let’s see exactly what the judge saw for him to make that order and allow those things to go forward.”

Mr. Reagan also weighed in on the recent stock market volatility, saying there is no cause for alarm.

“The market always goes through corrections,” he said. “My father said way back in the 1980’s when he was asked when the market went into a free fall, he said ‘what goes down must go up. What goes up must go down.’ . . . Everybody expected there is going to be a correction at some point in time and now you’re seeing the correction. Will it go back up? Yeah, and remember, it’s at 24,000. It’s not at 12,000 . . . it’ll move forward in not too many weeks.”

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