Americans Must Be Vigilant, Report Crimes to Stop Terror

Americans Must Be Vigilant, Report Crimes to Stop Terror

Americans Must Be Vigilant, Report Crimes to Stop Terror

The Key to preventing domestic terror attacks is for Americans to be vigilant, alert police if something seems amiss and stop being “scared to death” they’ll be accused of racial profiling

Bernie Kerik, the former commissioner for the New York Police Department said there’ll likely continue to be strikes aimed at New York City like Monday’s subway pipe bomber.


“But the Key point is, every one of the experts will tell you we live in a very different world today than we did 20 years ago. It’s extremely important to be vigilant, to report anything you see suspicious, to be vigilant of your surroundings, you see things that you don’t feel swell about or you have a gut instinct about, call the cops.”

Mr. Kerik said after every such incident, someone will say, “You know what, I knew it. I knew there was a problem, I saw this, I saw that.”

“At the end of the day, if you saw, if you knew, why didn’t you call the authorities?” he asked.

“We’re scared to death that somebody is going to say you’re racially profiling so you don’t make any phone calls and then in the end, these guys get away with this. That’s got to Stop.”

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