American’s ‘Fired” Hussein Obama, Trump Shreds His Legacy

American’s ‘Fired” Hussein Obama, Trump Shreds His Legacy

American’s ‘Fired” Hussein Obama, Trump Shreds His Legacy

After the November election, President Donald Trump’s Key objective was to beginning to shred former President Barack Hussein Obama’s anti-America, anti-business legacy as he vowed in his winning campaign.

For 100-days after his Inaugural President Trump would have the power to wipe away some of Mr. Hussein Obama’s most significant regulations with simple-majority votes from his allies in Congress.

An law known as the Congressional Review Act gives lawmakers 60 legislative days to overturn major new regulations issued by federal agencies.

After that window closes, in early May, the process gets much more difficult: Executive orders by the President can take years to unwind regulations, well beyond the important 100-day frame for the incoming administrations.

Leading up to the Inaugural Donald Trump’s aides and lawmakers developed a list of targets, read: rules enacted late in Barack Hussein Obama’s term they viewed as regulatory overreach that stifled America’s economic growth.

That diligent work resulted in the reversal of Hussein Obama’s government rules quickly as President Trump promised.

President Trump has used “the act” as a regulatory ‘shredder”, signing 13 bills that erased rules on the environment, labor, financial protections, internet privacy, abortion, education and gun rights.

The Act is  a strong, potent and powerful tool.

The Republicans viewed the shredded rules and the other eliminated regulations as unnecessary burdens enacted by a President who had resorted to executive action because he could not get his anti-business agenda through Congress.

While in the Oval Office Mr. Hussein Obama used regulation, to hobble American business, and reshape government more by writing rules rather than by passing new legislation.

“The biggest frustration in the last eight years was not knowing where the next regulation was coming from, the next rule, and that uncertainty stifled investment,” said President Trump’s legislative affairs director, who participated in planning to scupper Mr. Hussein Obama’s work.

President Trump’s efforts to unwind Mr. Hussein Obama’s regulations is now going  beyond the use of the Congressional Review Act.

By issuing executive orders he has instructed the EPA to begin the process of rolling back far-reaching rules that would shut down many of the country’s coal-fired power plants. This can take study and time and can be challenged legally.

Under the Congressional Review Act, the process is faster and simpler. It requires only an up-or-down vote, and the outcome cannot be challenged legally.

Some Hussein Obama Era rules may survive President Trump’s efforts to unwind them.

President Trump’s critics are concerned about a Key provision in the act that seeks to prevent all future Presidents from replacing the eliminated regulations with anything similar, experts said it would chill efforts to draft new regulations even after President  Trump leaves office.

“The Congressional Review Act used in this way is kind of like a nuke,” said Robert Hahn, a professor of economics, and expert on American regulations. “We had a Democratic president who was reflecting his policy preferences toward regulation. Trump has a tool now to undo those political preferences, and he’s using it.”

But what progressive Democrats saw as important consumer protections, Republicans saw as stifling and expensive encumbrances on insurance companies, banks and other American businesses.

Thus, President Trump and his Team are working hard to Make America Great Again, as promised.

Stay tuned…


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